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Allureod Wonderwall fleece mural . Wallpaper tailored to individual dimensions. Choose one of the available color versions.

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Properly selected wallpaper makes the interior attractive and fashionable. With a little effort, the arrangement of your room can become very original and unconventional. Choose the right pattern or contact our designer who will help you choose the right pattern.

Contact with the designer: kasia@happybarok.pl

Wonderwall Studio wallpapers are designed in the format of 500 x 300 cm. The patterns can be adapted to the individual wall sizes on and or you can buy wallpaper rolls with a size of 100 x 300 cm each.

Measure your wall and contact our office. Take advantage of the additional available discounts.

Send an e-mail before the purchase to the address orders@happybarok.pl or contact us by phone: +48 601860023

Type: non-woven structural wallpaper

Color variants available 

ART. 35 0796 07 wrzosowy 
ART. 35 0796 03 niebieski
ART. 35 0796 01 szary

Price per m2
How to calculate the amount of wallpaper needed?
With a wall size of 260x265 cm, we need 6.89 m2 (enter the amount of 6.9 m2 and add it to the basket. In the comments to the order, enter the size of your wall).

If the height of your room is less than 3 meters, then the excess wallpaper should be cut off in a suitable place. 

When arranging two or more stripes of wallpaper next to each other, it is enough to apply the right amount of glue to the wall and put the stripes in the right order, remembering to connect their edges so that their pattern fits perfectly with each other. 

If the width of your wall is e.g. 412 centimeters, then we can prepare rolls of wallpaper of non-standard width. Thanks to this, for an additional dozen or so centimeters you will not have to order another roll and you will only buy four instead of five. (please inquire BEFORE BUYING) 

To ensure that the wallpapers ordered by you are not damaged during transport, we pack them in solid, cardboard packaging, enclosing each of them with detailed assembly instructions. 

The basic carrier material used for the production of our wallpapers is non-woven fabric imported from Germany. 

It is characterized by: 

Durability - Compared to paper or fabric wallpapers - Wonderwall non-woven wallpapers are characterized by increased durability and flexibility. 

Texture - We approach the design of our wallpapers with full responsibility. Choosing their texture, we wanted to create an attractive product that would be an alternative to plain paper wallpapers. On the other hand, the texture of our wallpapers is so neutral that it does not distract from the pattern placed on it, and even fits perfectly with it. It also has the advantage that it can hide minor defects and uneven walls. Thanks to this, when starting their installation, you will not have to spend a lot of work on preparing the wall surface, thus saving your time and resources.

Ecology - Wonderwall wallpapers do not contain chlorine, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), fiberglass or other harmful substances. Our wallpapers meet the highest standards and requirements for the production of this type of product.

Durability - Wonderwall wallpapers "are not afraid" of moisture. As a result of the influence of water, they do not deform and dry up, retaining their previous embossing structure. Thanks to the unique properties of the material they are made of, fungus or mold will never appear under their surface, which could cause strong reactions allergic.

Convenience - Wonderwall wallpapers sticks very easily and quickly. They have high resistance to mechanical damage and are resistant to repeated washing. With the help of clean water and a sponge you can easily remove any dirt from their surface.






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