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THOUGHTS is the second project in the FREEDOM collection. I looked at the creative process in my head. This pattern captures only part of it. Simplicity, but also complexity. Through the eyes of my imagination, I saw Mies van der Rohe strolling through him, in his impeccably grazed black lacquers and smoking his cigar....

Carpets are made of 100% pure New Zealand wool, by manual taffeta. They are produced by craftsmen with decades of experience. The exact amount of wool is used to knock out each of them, so as not to waste it.

The carpet can be ordered in sizes:

140x200, 160x230

It is possible to order a carpet in a different size or colors, for this purpose please contact the office.

Project : Magdalena Komorowska

from the author

Carpet Of Thought

An image of the thought process that accompanies each creator. Although it is probably a universal image reflecting the often accompanying sheer number of thoughts or a complete lack of it. Each of us is a creator, everything we do changes, evolves, sometimes the process is tedious and lengthy, sometimes it is a flash. One thing worth in this cul-d'ediment is to stick to one thought – the one that creates reality. And mine created this carpet.

FREEDOM Collection

A trio of wool carpets, the patterns of which were created under the influence of my fascination with the Avant-Garde of the first half of the twentieth century. Russian constructivism, Dutch de Stijl and German Bauhaus – they initiated freedom in art and utility design. They paid more attention to a person's emotional needs. This collection is about the creative process. Inspiration, courage, breaking patterns, freedom in creativity, which can become a burden at the same time. After all, each of the creators faces a sheer number of their thoughts, and the lack of a "framework" creates uncertainty. So, is freedom a nuisance at the same time.....? I prefer the motto of Maria Jarema, polish representative of the avant-garde – "Art is born of freedom of thought".


100% wool

WOOL – improves the acoustics of the room, and its breathable structure keeps warm and regulates the moisture in the room. This natural material stops dust, thereby purifying the air you breathe. Carpets are woven from fibers, which still have a sheep's character in them, before they become tame, can be drunk – an absolutely natural phenomenon. Both dust and wool cans are given to the vacuum cleaner – switched on.

In order for your carpet to retain its beautiful appearance for as long as possible, in daily care it is enough to clean it at least once a week. In case of fresh dirt with liquid (red wine is always stressful), take care of it immediately. Quickly apply a white paper towel so that it can absorb the spilled liquid. If you decide to put the carpet in a professional laundry room, be sure to inform that it is woolen.