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Soft, hand-embroidered carpet made of pure New Zealand wool. One of the three designs in the JOY collection. A typographic pattern that inspires you to enjoy every day. You can read more about the collection below.

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JOY Collection

I imagine a world where everyone who gets up in the morning smiles, just like that. The patterns of these hand-embroidered carpets were created under the influence of my fascination with the colors of the work of Luis Barragán – a Mexican architect for whom beauty, inspiration, magic, delight and enchantment were always the guiding light. This collection is a reflection of the pure, uninhibited joy of creation. The more smiles, the more joy and good energy that I want to infect everyone who comes into contact with the collection.

 100% wool

100% pure New Zealand wool

WOOL – improves the acoustics of the room, and its breathable structure keeps heat and regulates moisture in the room. This natural material retains dust, thereby purifying the air you breathe. Carpets are woven from fibers that still have a sheep character in them, before it gets used to it, it can dust – an absolutely natural phenomenon. Both dust and woolen cans are given to the vacuum cleaner – turned on.

In order for your carpet to retain its beautiful appearance as long as possible, it is enough to vacuum it at least once a week in daily care. In case of fresh dirt with liquid (red wine is always stressful), take care of it immediately. Quickly apply a white paper towel so that it can absorb the spilled liquid. If you decide to give the carpet to a professional laundry, be sure to inform that it is woolen.