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Original bed with a geometric headboard. The compositions of the blocks refer to the postmodern Memphis style popular in the 1980s. "Geometry is an element that often appears in my projects, so this time I played with color and geometric forms" - Katarzyna Jasyk designer
 The beds are made of furniture board with upholstered elements on the headboard. The customer is free to choose the colors and sizes of the headboard. Each model creates the possibility of creative fun and adjusting the final appearance of the bed to your needs.
  The collection is addressed not only to fans of colorful decor. Adherents of pastel colors can choose from a more subdued color palette. Technical data: - chest and headboard furniture board ( 
płyta meblowa 
   click on the link to see the available colors of the board from the COLOR collection) - wheels (upholstered elements) upholstery fabric Venus Velvet Top Textil The headboard is connected to the board.
  Possible sizes of the mattress bed: 140 cm x 200 cm - total size 150 x 210 160 cm x 200 cm - total size 170 x 210 180 cm x 200 cm total size 190 x 210 200 cm x 200 cm total size 210 x 210 side height about 40 cm headboard height 90 cm
  The set includes: bed, headboard, wooden frame. The manufacturer offers additional options (below). For this purpose, please contact the office. It is possible to order a bed with a container for bedding. Possibility to buy a memory thermoelastic mattress to size. Possibility to change the color. Made-to-order product. The product requires assembly by the customer (instructions included). * The presentation on the website was presented in the form of visualization, the real model may slightly differ from the render. This fact does not significantly affect the appearance of the bed. The sides in the original are connected perpendicularly to each other due to transport. If you have any questions, please contact the office. Minor discrepancies between the visualization and the real model are not grounds for complaint.

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