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Double-sided THERMOPLASTIC foam mattress in a cover

Composition: 5 cm thermoplastic foam, HR 10 foam, moisture-absorbing mattress fabric



It is one of the most important inventions in the field of mattress production in the 20th century.

Thermoplastic foam was developed in the 1970s by American NASA researchers as a solution that provides maximum comfort to astronauts in outer space. Its biggest advantage is that it adapts to the user's body in response to its temperature. The material wraps nicely, at the same time providing very good support for the skeletal system. Whichever position you choose, the spine maintains its natural curves.

Other features:

1) High point elasticity (the mattress does not allow the transfer of vibrations resulting from the movements of one person to the partner's side. Users do not wake up, so they return to each other.


2) Unique anti-bedsore and orthopedic properties (especially recommended for people who have to stay in bed for a long time, for example seniors or convalescents)


3) Good effect on circulation (adapts to the shape of the body, does not allow excessive pressure, even in heavier parts). Combined with the porous structure of the foam, it has a very positive effect on maintaining proper blood circulation. A thermoplastic mattress will be a great solution for people suffering from cardiovascular problems.


4) It soothes pains in arthritis (in the affected areas the body temperature is increased, which causes the surface to deform. The pressure is weaker, and thus the pain is reduced.


5) The material is fully hypoallergenic. Moreover, the structure of the foam prevents the accumulation of dust (which is itself an allergen) and organic pollutants inside the bed, which may constitute an environment for the development of pathogenic creatures: bacteria, mites, mold or fungi.


6) These mattresses do not absorb dust and organic pollutants, for example dead skin, so the environment for the development of harmful organisms such as mites does not form. Excellent air circulation and moisture management protect against mold, fungi and bacteria


7) The thermoelastic mattress provides comfort and healthy sleep for pregnant women and during the puerperium. What is extremely important for the body in this unusual, but extremely tiring period of life.


8) HR FOAM (High Resiliense Foam)


Highly elastic foam (HR) is one of the best raw materials used in the production of mattresses. After pressing, the foam returns to its original shape. This material is used both as an insert and a layer of comfort.


The synthetic material, which is highly elastic foam, does not provide a breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms. They do not absorb dust and organic pollutants, for example dead skin, so it does not form an environment for the development of harmful creatures, such as mites. Excellent air circulation and moisture management protect against mold, fungi and bacteria.


 This material is characterized by high point flexibility. This feature guarantees perfect adaptation of the mattress surface to the body. Whichever position you choose, the spine maintains its natural curvature, so the back muscles can rest. The mattress only bends at the pressure point, no movement is transmitted over the surface of the bed.


HR foam guarantees good air circulation.




The cover is made of a moisture-absorbing mattress fabric.


Its characteristic feature is that it absorbs excess moisture and releases it into the atmosphere. It is smooth and extremely pleasant to the touch. It perfectly combines the advantages of other fibers - it is delicate like silk, durable like polyester, absorbent like linen, warm like wool and more absorbent than cotton (up to 50%). It also has excellent cooling properties in summer, which ensures an optimal skin climate.


The composition of the fabric naturally prevents the growth of bacteria and microbes. It is perfect for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin.


The fiber of the fabric is clean, chemical-free and does not irritate the skin, which makes it breathable and healthy looking.


100% natural (derived from wood cellulose) and its production does not use any corrosive or toxic substances. The final product is 100% biodegradable.


450 g / m2


Removable cover with zipper. The cover can be operated at a temperature of 30 degrees.




Mattress sizes


80x 200








140x 200


160x 200








The thickness of 15 cm or other on request.