• HAPPY SLEEP round with frill Mattress

The mattress LOLITA with frill

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Lolita Mattress with Frill

A Charming round mattress in a velvety flounce cover.

Outer Pouch removable, sewn from velvet fabric French Velvet

Easy to clean. (Work at 40 °c)

Rich coloring.

Choose from several sizes: 80, 90, 100, 120

Perfect as a mat for fun or relaxation. Suitable for canopy.



5 cm HR Foam mattress

Piankahr R ( High Resiliense foam)

Highly Elastic foam (HR) It is one of the best raw materials used in the manufacture of mattresses. When pressed , the foam returns to its original shape. This Material is used both as a contribution and a layer of comfort.

The synthetic Material, which is highly elastic foam, is not a medium for pathogenic microorganisms. They do not absorb dust and organic impurities, for example dead skin, do not form, so the environment to develop harmful veins, such as the Roztocza. Excellent air circulation and moisture dissipation protect against mould, fungi and bacteria.

This material is characterized by high point elasticity. This Feature guarantees perfect adaptation of the mattress surface to the body. The Spine, regardless of its position, retains its natural curvature, so the dorsum muscles can rest. The Mattress will bend only in place of pressure, the movement does not move on the surface of the mission.

HR foam ensures good air circulation.