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An original bed with a stone headboard. Suitable for arrangements in the style of BOHO, WABISABI or LOFT

Design: Katarzyna Jasyk

The upholstery in melange fabric.

Proposed sizes of the bed for the mattress:

120 cm x 200 cm 

140 cm x 200 cm

160 cm x 200 cm,

180 cm x 200 cm

200 cm x 200 cm 

side height about 40 cm

Slip-type legs.

The bedhead consists of individual panels imitating round stones in various sizes, which can be freely combined with each other. Each element is assembled separately (the customer receives an instruction for self-assembly)

Panel dimensions:

2 pcs. 80 cm x 40 cm

2 pcs. 50 cm x 40 cm

3 pcs. 40 cm x 30 cm

1 pc. 70 cm x 25 cm

The total height of the headboard depends on the arrangement of elements (in the arrangement in the picture it is about 110 cm)

The set includes: a bed, 8 headboard elements, a wooden frame.

It is possible to order a bed with a container for bedding and a metal raised frame. Please contact the office.

It is possible to buy a memory thermoelastic mattress to size. Please contact the office.

Possibility to change colors. Please contact the office.

The product is available on request.