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Producent : WonderWall Studio

Price per roll

Type: fleece wallpaper

Size : Roll 100 cm x 300 cm ( Wallpaper surface 3m2 )

NOTE! 1 pcs.=1 roll

Photo wallpapers are individually matched to the dimensions of the wall, please send your inquiry before buying: orders@happybarok.pl 

If the height of your room is less than 3 meters, the excess wallpaper can be trimmed with a utility knife and putty knife.

Carefully attach the roll to the first strip end-to-end and match the pattern. On making sure that the pattern is matched perfectly throughout the height, smooth the strip from one joint to the opposite one upwards and downwards simultaneously

When making a purchase, you can choose exactly the number of rolls that you really need.

Furthermore we can widen the standard roll up to 5 centimetres; so, for example, if your wall turned out to be of 4 metres 12 centimetres width — you will not have to order one more roll for these few centimetres and in this case your order nevertheless will make 4 instead of 5 rolls. (please send inquiry BEFORE BUYING

The backing of our wallpaper is non-woven  made in Germany. Its main features:


Non-woven backed wallpaper features high material strength and plasticity as compared to other wallpapers with paper or woven backing.


We took all responsible care in making choice of texture for our wallpaper. 

On the one hand it gives a feeling of wallpaper instead of simply smooth paper, and on the other hand our wallpaper texture is neutral or chosen in such a way as not to draw attention away but match the pattern harmoniously.

Furthermore, owing to its texture, our wallpaper is able to conceal small defects and unevenness of wall surface. So you do not need to prepare walls specially thus saving a lot of time and money.

However we realize that the customer must always have a choice. So any time our clients can order smooth non-woven backed wallpaper as a cheaper option.


Wonderwall wallpaper does not contain any chlorine, PVC, glass fibre or other potentially harmful substances. Our wallpaper complies with the most severe sanitary regulations and requirements specified for such products.


Wonderwall wallpaper is resistant to water as does not deform when soaking and restores its original look when goes dry. Owing to unique properties of this material you can be sure no mould or fungus being aggressive allergens will appear on your walls.

Ease and Comfort of Use 

Wonderwall non-woven backed wallpaper is handy to paper, highly resistant to mechanical damage and easily cleanable with ordinary water and cloth.