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Producent : WonderWall Studio

Price per 1 roll

type: cross fibre wallpaper

2 colors: grey and beige

Size: 100 cm x 300 cm (surface using 3 m 2)

PLEASE NOTE! 1 unit = 1 roll

Photo wall-papers we adapt individually to the dimensions of the walls, please send a query before you purchase to the address orders@happybarok.pl

If the height of your room is less than 3 meters, the excess must be cut in the appropriate place wallpapers.

While piling next to each other two or more strips of wallpaper, simply apply on the wall of the right amount of glue and place the straps in the correct order, keeping in mind the combined their banks on contact, so that their design perfectly combined with each other. Then they should be cut, by adjusting their length to the height of the wall.

By making a purchase, you can choose exactly the number of rollers, what is actually needed.

If the width of your wall will be for example. 4 metres and 12 inches, then we can prepare a roll of wallpaper up to custom width of 5 metres. Thanks for the additional several inches you will not have to order another roll and instead of five you buy only four ( Please ask BEFORE YOU BUY)

The primary carrier material used for the production of our wallpapers, is sourced from Germany flizelin. Features:

The durability of the

Compared with wallpapers, paper or fabric--flizeline Wonderwall are characterized by improved durability and flexibility.

The invoice

To design our wallpapers we take full responsibility. When choosing their invoice, we wanted to create an attractive product, which is an alternative to smooth wallpaper paper. On the other hand, the texture of our wallpaper is so neutral that does not detract from the spotted pattern on them, and it perfectly fits. It also has the advantage that it can hide minor defects and uneven walls. This makes acceding to their installation, you will not have to spend a lot of work to prepare the surface of the walls, saving your time and resources.


Wonderwall wallpapers do not contain chlorine, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), fiberglass, or other harmful substances for man. Our wallpapers correspond to the highest standards and requirements in the production of this type of products.

The strength of the

Wonderwall wallpapers "not afraid". As a result of the impact of the water does not deform and dry up while keeping your previous structure. Thanks to the unique properties of the material from which they are produced, their surface never appears fungus or mold, which can trigger strong allergic reactions.


Wonderwall wallpapers sticks very easily and quickly. Have a high resistance to mechanical damage, as well as being resistant to repeated washing. Using clean water and sponges can be easily removed from the surface of any dirt.

SHELF LIFE of 10 years