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Chapter 1: Subject of copyright

Art. 1.

The object of copyright is any manifestation of creative activity of an individual character, determined in any form, regardless of the value, purpose and manner of expression (work).
In particular, the subject of copyright are works:
expressed in words, mathematical symbols, graphic signs (literary, journalistic, scientific, cartographic and computer programs),
violin making,
industrial design,
architectural, architectural-urban and urban planning,
musical and verbal-music,
stage, stage and music, choreography and pantomime,
audiovisual (including film).
Chapter 14: Criminal liability
Article 115

Whoever misappropriates or misleads as to the authorship of all or part of someone else's work or artistic performance is subject to a fine, imprisonment or imprisonment of up to 3 years.
The same punishment is imposed on who distributes the original or in the form of a work without producing a name or pseudonym to the creator, artistic performance or publicly distorting such a work, artistic performance, phonogram, videogram or broadcast.