• Bench No 1 insp. De Stijl

Bench No 1 insp. De Stijl

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Original pillow with a new collection of DE STIJL 2018

Inspired by the neoplastycyzmem-the direction in the art of rozwijąjącym in the 20 's of the 20th century. specifically images of Piet Mondrian

Upholstery fabric Designer (proj.  Bartosz Jasyk)

Dimensions: 40 cm x 40 cm

Silicone ball fill, you can work in a washing machine at up to 30 degrees

Upholstery : upholstery fabrics,
Properties: upholstery fabric new generation, 100% polyester, easy to clean.

Use : Ideal for the living room, hallway, bedroom or an elegant boutique.

Design: Catherine Jasyk