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These handcrafted curtains will change your interior without unnecessary effort. 
Curtains desing by Anna Wilczopolska - Jasyk
A thick, firmly covering fabric with a distinct weave well conceals the window, stopping the excess of sunlight in the day and protecting your privacy in the evening.
Curtains have blackout lining.
Very easy assembly with wrinkling tape - for hanging on a curtain rail.
Curtains are made to the highest professional standard.
Check full collection of SOWE curtains, we can make curtains in any sizes - please contact with us or find your size on drop down list.
Extraordinary gift idea for housewarming or mothers day.
The prices applies to pair of curtains ( two pieces)
Processing time : 7 working days
SOWE curtains are made of PANAMA fabric:
Composition: 100% cotton
Weight: 360 g/m2
Width curtain: 147 cm
Shrinkage: 2 % width, 2 % lenght
Wash details :
1. Water wash in the gentle cycle 
(in lower temperature). This one is the 
safest for SOWE curtains due to the lower 
level of spinning.

2. Chemical wash in tetrachloroethylene 
in the gentle cycle (lower temperature). 
The effect is similar to the water wash.