• Eco wallpaper wall ROLL

Eco wallpaper wall ROLL

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Original Geometric wallpaper!

Hit the season. Beautifully presents itself on the wall.

When buying wallpaper, avoid tedious painting or mounting panels.

Ideal for a bedroom, a child's room or a commercial interior, a pastry shop, a café or a boutique

You need to adjust the wallpaper to the wall dimension. Please request a quote before purchasing.

Please choose a color from the palette or send your suggestion to the office.


C ena per 1 roll

1) Roll size 1 m (w) x 3 m (L) (Field of printing 3 m 2)

3) to choose 4 types of finishes visible in the attached photo (please make a selection of the structure by selecting the appropriate number)

No. 1 Smooth-smooth

No. 2 Stucco-structure

No. 3 Antique-structure

No. 4 Linen-structure

3) Type: Underlay neschen Performance wallpaper cellulose-flizeline Wallpaper (Germany)

4) Print technology:Thewallpaper is made in the eco-printing technology of latex inks ON the latest HP latex machines , which guarantees the highest quality printing in the range of odourless, ecological, sharp and Vivid prints. With HP Latex Inks water-based inks, the prints are fragrance-free. These inks are certified by UL's Sustainable Product Certification. It has environmental certificates, non-flamability AND PzH attests.

5) Properties:

-Thickness of smooth wallpaper 190g/m2, wallpaper with structure 280g/m2

-Highly resistant to scratches, tears and UV rays

-Easy to application (glue is spread only on the wall)

-Matte surface

-Dries quickly

-Easy to disassemble without leaving traces

-Flame Retardant (Fire classification ACC. To EN 13501-1 for unprinted and printed material (class: C-S1, D0/hard-combued material)

-FSC Certified

-has a designation CE: EN 15102:2007 + A1:2011

-Organic, does not contain PVC and other harmful compounds