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The original rocking chair.

Ideal for the living room or commercial interiors i.e. cafes, clubs, pubs.

Soft and very comfortable.

Material: original skai® Aliena (Germany) - high quality synthetic material imitating ostrich skin, 1.6 mm thick

Properties: light resistant, tear-resistant, easy to care (for more properties on the fabric card - see gallery)

Colors: 12 colors (see template)

Color: the choice of color from the template

Dimensions: outer width 73 cm, seat depth 49 cm, seat width 50 cm, back height 37 cm, height of armrests 23 cm (from the ground 58cm), depth 72 cm (with a 90cm skid), height 68cm, skid length 90cm, cushion 40x30 cm

Legs: wooden skids on a metal base.

Design: Katarzyna Jasyk

Photo: Jagoda Lesiuk Photo

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